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Christmas 2010 Gingerbread Houses

It is amazing what talented people can do with gingerbread.  There is a huge competition held every year at Grove Park Inn in North Carolina.  It is called The National Gingerbread House Competition.  I looked up their site today and choose two of my favorites of the ones they had posted.  Difficult decision because they were all incredible....
(This is from the movie "UP"
If you have not seen this you must.  Beautiful love story.  Great Movie:-)

We we could not fit a trip to Grove Park Inn into our time or money budget this year. So, what should we do if we want to see some gingerbread creations?  Erica was looking for some inexpensive things to do in our area and came across a gingerbread competition just up the street in Raleigh.  It was called The Raleigh Gingerbread House Competition.  This was held at Alta Oakridge Retirement Community.  The judging had already taken place but the houses were still on display so off Joe, Erica, and I went to see the results.  Wow....I t…

"Its Snowing!"

What a wonderful Christmas!  Spending time together with our family is a joy.   Then to top things off it snowed. Not just a dusting but inches of snow:-)  Here is how we enjoyed our family time together in the snow the day after Christmas....

Preping the sleds with Pam??