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Just for fun..."Who let the Dogs Out?"

Just a little video I put together of our family of dogs and the people who love them. Staring....Captain Morgan                October                Roxie                Brodie.....the doggie actors.. and         Josh and Stephanie                Erica                Bruce Hansen                Joe and Kathy....their humans:-) These crazy dogs have added so much to our lives. Enjoy your world and your pets if you have any:-)

Kathiey's not so local world, Travel "Summer Memories"

In July we went up to visit my husbands parents in Felton DE.  I had not seen them in a while and really enjoyed my visit with them.  Here are a few pictures of his mom's yard and his dad's garden.  Hope you enjoy:-)
Mom V. loves her flowers.  Joe tries to get up there several times a year to help her plant flowers and at Christmas time he loves to help her with the holiday outdoor lights.

Beautiful Stephanie
 beside a neat old jeep.

Dad V's huge garden.

Yep, they have
fruit trees too.

We ended our visit with some delicious corn on the cob soaked in butter.  Yum:-)Mom is an amazing cook!
I don't get to see my extended family as much as I would like.  I don't get to see my brother Bruce as much as I would like.  When Bruce was in David's care Dave realized the importance of family and made it a priority to fly Bruce to see us when ever possible.  His new guardian does not see this as important so I have to slowly save up money and work time off to drive up to see Bru…

Sunday Song "Real" by James Wesley

I just was not sure what song to select for my Sunday Song this week.  I loved the songs we were singing in church this week but just could not choose the song that felt right for me.  Then it happened...I had set my clock radio to 5:30 am. The song that was playing this morning I had never heard before but it struck an emotional cord with me, brought me to tears.  It is call "Real" by James Wesley. The last few years have been difficult....they have been "real".  Everyone has a story that is "real".  It may be hidden but it is there.   So just what is real?..... Holding my dad as he was dying and telling him I wanted him to be the one to greet me when I get to heaven. The weak hug he gave me when he could not speak.  That was real. The joy of a birth, the struggle to conceive, the death of a child, of a loved one.  That is real. Love of a family.  That is real. A beautiful sunset.  That is real. Although I don't know the story behind this picture I took at …

Recipe Review .."Pumpkin Squares" from Recipe Dose.

Busy day....I got up a 4 am,  got to work by 6:30 am.  Got off work at 3 pm. Then I  ran several much needed errands.  Met my good friend Melissa for dinner at 5:30, we had a great time:-)  Got back home around 8:15 and here I sit determined to make the deadline for Kristi's Foodie Friday on her blog"The Speckled Dog. The Speckled Dog Foodie Friday
Yesterday I tried a new recipe I found on " Recipe DosePumpkin Squares

Preparation time : 45 min. | Serves 3-4 dozen squares These pumpkin squares are one of a famous Halloween recipes so you can decorate it to make smiley pumpkin face using carrot pieces or nuts. Ingredients:2 cup flour
½ tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp ground cloves
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup margarine (softened)
½ cup brown sugar
2 egg
2 large egg whites
15 oz pumpkin pie filling
1 cup carrot (finely shredded) For Topping: 4 oz cream cheese (softened)
¼ cup sugar
½ cup whipped cream
I gathered my ingredien…

Flower Photo Challenge

I just found another blog photo challenge.  I just could not help myself.  This is on a site called "I should be folding laundry" and she hosts a weekly photo challenge.  This weeks challenge is "You Capture - Flowers".
How could I resist?  I quickly went through some of my summer flower photos, selected a few and created a blog post.   Hope you enjoy.....

Get out take some pictures and enjoy your world everyone:-)

The Brenda Photo Challenge...."Orange"

Brenda has a monthly photo challenge that I love to participate in.
This month the theme is "orange".  I decided to go with a photo I took at the Art museum in Raleigh NC.   The deadline for the "orange" challenge is 9-25-10.  So if you have any orange photos enter them on Brenda's site and join the fun!

Get out and take pictures and enjoy your world everyone:-)

Sunday Song "Amazing Grace/Peaceful Easy Feeling" by Eric Horner

We sang this song in church this past Sunday.  I had never heard this version of Amazing Grace.  The more I thought about it the more I realized how true this song is.  God's Grace, His intense love for us is beyond our understanding.  When we think of His love, of His Grace and get even a tiny glimpse of the meaning of this gift we do get a "peaceful easy feeling"  We can rest in His love and feel at peace.   Joe and I went to the mountains last week to celebrate our 34 anniversary.  I took 560 pictures...what fun!  I put together a little video using my Sunday Song and a few of my pics that I took in the mountains. Happy Sunday Everyone even though it is Tuesday:-) Enjoy your world!

Restaurant Review.."The Guglhupf Cafe" Durham NC

I had a great day this past Saturday.  First I helped set up for Sunday service at Abundant Life United Methodist Church in Cary NC.  Great group of folks which made the task a fun one.  Then I was off to meet Melissa, a dear friend of mine, for lunch.  I didn't have any great ideas so she suggested Guglhupf's in Durham NC . When I arrived the parking lot was packed.  It was Saturday Brunch and people were parked across the street and had to make their way across 15-501 to get to the Cafe.  I decided to try my luck and circle the lot a few times and it was a miracle, I found a spot on the front row:-)  The weather was perfect so we decided to sit outside.   Here are a few pictures of our adventure.....

There are some great seats under those umbrellas.

 It was yummy:-)

Happy after a tasty lunch.
Now off to explore the inside of the cafe....

Now to the bakery....

Melissa and I each got a fruit tartlet to take home.

Couldn't leave Joe out so that night we split the tartlet.  Ver…