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Recipe Review.."Double Glazed Almond Orange Bundt Cake"

I found a new recipe on a blog that I enjoy.  It was on a blog called Amandas's Cookin'
Amanda's Cookin  It looked yummy so I decided to give it a try:-)

I gathered my ingredients.

The instructions said to mix the sugar and lemon zest with your finger tips until fragrant.  So I did exactly that, rubbed the lemon into the sugar until the air was filled with the fragrance of lemon.  It did smell very nice:-)

Mixed it all up....

Popped it in the oven.  When I first took it out it did not look brown enough.  I tested it with a tooth pick, it was done.

Surprise! When I took it out of the bundt pan it looked beautiful:-)

Let the cake cool.  Gathered my glaze ingredients.

Finished product.

My review...I would give this cake a 9/10 on my cooking scale.  It was moist and flavorful, the way a cake should be.   I would make it again.  Next time I will make my glaze a little thicker so that it shows up a bit more.  Amanda's was thicker and made for a better presentation.

Double Gla…

Exploring Kathiey's World with Bruce....."St. Michael's Maryland"

A couple of weeks ago I had one of the best days I have had in some time.  I got to spend time with someone I deeply love, my brother Bruce.
(Just thinking of Bruce
makes me smile:-)

Bruce in front of
his group home.

St. Michael's MD
Nice waterfront town.
Fun shops and restaurants.
Neat winery also:-)

I had 2 camera's with me on our day together.  I gave Bruce one.  He loved taking pictures & I loved watching him take pictures:-)

One of Bruce's shots, he is a natural!

After a nice boat ride & walk through town we headed to lunch.  Bruce's favorite meal...Crab Cake Sandwiches.  Yum!

Bruce is setting up for a final shot...
Great job Bruce!:-)

I see Bruce as my last connection with my childhood.  My parents are gone and my brother Dave, that Bruce and I were so close to is gone.  When I am with Bruce I somehow feel a bit of connection to them.
We had a wonderful day.  We laughed,…

My Sunday Song..."As It Is In Heaven" by Matt Maher

I have not been in church for at least 3 weeks.  I did not realize how much I have missed it.  Sometimes life gets so complicated that we avoid what we need most, what gives us strength to get through each day.  So today I went to church.   The focus was on the Lords Prayer.  A song that the music team sang today was "As it is in Heaven" by Matt Maher.   I think you will like. (It was fun to harmonize with:-)
Enjoy & Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Exploring Kathiey's Local World...."The General Store Cafe"

A few Sunday's ago Joe and I wanted to do something a bit different for lunch.  We decided to go to brunch at The General Store Cafe in Pittsboro N.C.
What a cute store, restaurant and deli combination.  The best way to describe it, I guess, would be eclectic.

Joe ordered breakfast.  I tasted the potatoes, they were delicious.  Joe thought the eggs were great.  But the A+ for me was their coffee.  Very smooth, not at all bitter.  Some of the best coffee I have ever had.

I had the chicken salad & iced tea.  Very good.  Do you see the house recipe ketchup in the photo?  I usually ask for some just in case the meal lacks flavor.  Well, I did not even open need, everything was fresh and tasty:-)
The following photos will give you an example of why I describe this venue as eclectic......

I love the screen.  Not so sure about the wooden critter with the large eyes standing in front of it, although he does look friendly.  As does …

"The Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede"

Just the name evokes mental images.....

Now for the reality.... "The 32nd Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede" Wyoming Delaware.  Our stampede was made of people running and walking 10K & 5K races.  The only buffalo I saw were the wooden buffalo awards given to the lucky few at the end of the race. (No I did not get one, but I did run the entire way and finished well so I was happy:-)  Didn't see any mountains as you see in the opening image but I did see Amish Buggies and cornfields.  We ran through Fifer Orchards where we saw peach and apple trees.  At the end of the race they had cold sliced watermelon and peaches. Refreshing!

"Nothing better then flatness when you are running a race:-)"

Yes, I take photos while I am running:-)

"Yep, we got to run along some Amish folks."

Here is our  herd of runners....

Joe (10K) and Stephanie (5K)

Me (5K) with the guys

We even came across some family members that we did not know would be there.  Bobby, Linda (5K) &…