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Kathiey's Book Review "The Frozen Water Trade A True Story" by Gavin Weightman

I finished this book several weeks ago.  I have spent some time trying to figure out how to apply it to my life, as I try to do with all the books I read.  There were many ways this could have nicely gone, but I had to be practical:-)
We take so much for granted in our lives.  One of those things is ice.  Ice has always been at our fingertips right?  Not so.  For all the things we enjoy someone had to be creative and many times sacrifice to see their creativity come to life.   We can thank Frederic Tudor for making his dream come to life and for starting the ice trade back in 1805.

 Frederic believed that he could become rich from harvesting ice from frozen lakes and rivers in the American North East.  He felt he could develop ways to transport and store his ice to areas in the South such as Charleston and even the islands in the Caribbean.
Through trial and error and many years of sacrifice he was able to do just that.
So how can I apply this taste of history to my life......?

I could…

Recipe Review "Orzo with Sun Dried Tomatoes"

As promised I am going to review the pasta salad that I was soooo excited to make.  First of all I was cooking with ingredients that I had never cooked with.  Roasted red peppers I have on sandwiches in the past and really enjoy.  Sun dried tomatoes sounded wonderful.  Orzo, I must be honest, I was not sure if it was pasta or rice.  So off I went to Harris Teeter to gather the ingredients.

Everything looks so good, so colorful.

Chopped the red peppers & took a small piece to taste.  Tasted good

Chopped the dried tomatoes & took a small piece to taste.  Tasted like raisins?

Turned out to be a colorful salad, looked pretty good.

The salad should go well with the corn on the cob and steak that are on the grill.

Joe, The Master Grill Chef:-)

The meal is ready!  As you can see there is a rice dish and my pasta dish.  I knew Joe would not be interested in the pasta so I made him a boxed rice mix.

Brodie has his eye on the pasta:-)

So how was the meal you ask?  The steak was good, the…

"Online Photo Find"...(It will make you smile:-)


Trying New Things....Sun Dried Tomatoes

A couple of weeks ago I watched a food network show in which a chef prepared a beautiful pasta dish that contained Sun Dried Tomatoes.  I found the recipe on line and went back and watched the show again taking notes on my printed recipe so that I could prepare this beautiful dish just as the chef did.  I could not wait to put this recipe to the test.  (Recipe review to follow on another post....)  I have never cooked with Sun Dried Tomatoes and was excited to try something new.  So off to Harris Teeter to find the ones packed in oil as required by the recipe.

This was not the brand that I found in our local store but you get the idea.

I opened up the jar, took a few out & just looked at them.  Hmmm??

I knew I had to take a taste just to see what I was dealing with, you know like they do on the cooking shows.
I took a small piece....the best way I can describe it is..."tastes like raisins".  No tomato taste the I could recognize.

After tasting what to me were raisins I s…

Sunday Song "Word Of God Speak" by Mercy Me

When I first started researching how to start a blog the first thing I came across was the suggestion that you should be honest, be real.  So I will try.  It has been a difficult week for me.  Feelings of loneliness, sadness and inadequacy, that I am usually able to push aside, have plagued my mind.   Today is Father's day.  I don't know how many times I have wanted to call my family members that have passed away in the last couple of years & realized that I can't.  I could always call Mom.  We would discuss our feelings, our confusions, our faith, share funny stories and on occasion a good joke.  Mom and I would talk about day to day life.    My  brother Dave and I talked nearly everyday.  We could discuss any subject, you name it, there were no limits. We would give each other our support, care & love.  Dad and I leaned toward discussing world events, things of interest in the news, politics, medicine.  Dad would always ask "How are you? How is Joe? How are…

"Tastes That Define Our State" Challenge

My husband came across an article in our local paper a few weeks ago.  It was titled "Tastes that Define Our State" There are a list of 25 places in North Carolina where you can go to experience the many "flavors" of our state.  Joe and I have decided to hit as many as we can in the next year.
We decided to start with #16 on the list.  The classic BLT sandwich served at Merritt's Store & Grill in Chapel Hill. We set our GPS and headed off for a flavor adventure.
We drove up to a small white building. It was an inviting store front with an American flag at the entrance & people enjoying food and conversation at the tables and benches out front.
We went inside to find a large room with a check out counter and items for sale.  We followed a short narrow hallway.  Along the wall of the hallway were a grouping of beverage selections ranging from water & so…

Sunday Song "You Alone" by Kim Hill

Today in church our Pastor talked about the woman in Luke 7.  How she came to Jesus.  How she tuned out the ridicule of the pious that surrounded her and how she gave all she had to Christ.  How she washed his feet with her tears, dried his feet with her hair, and then applied to his feet expensive perfume.
She brought with her all of her pain and imperfections, all of her guilt and confusion. She placed everything at the feet of Jesus, who loved her.  There he gave her the gift of peace in a difficult world....I am so thankful he does the same for us today.
Happy Sunday Everyone:-)

Exploring My Yard in June....You never know what you will find:-)

All was peaceful in our yard until I saw the black snake in the side yard.
My dad always said that black snakes are good to have around.  I am inclined to agree because I have heard they keep down the rodent population.  I have also heard that they are territorial and that they keep away some of the other undesirable snakes in our area such as copperheads, water moccasins, and the rare, but found on occasion, rattlesnake.   I have seen this guy twice.  I will name him Sam.  Sam is about 3.5 ft long.  Joe said there is one that is around 6 ft long out by our back shed, he thinks it may be Sam's mom.  I don't think I will go out there:-)                          
I don't know how Bordie would respond to Sam.  Hopefully Sam can read and will stay away from our fenced in backyard!  
Enjoy your world!!.....But watch out for the snakes:-)

Kathiey's Recipe Review "Easy Grilled Honey-Dijon Chicken"

It is officially summer time, at least it feels like it to me, & time to enjoy outdoor grilling.  Over the past couple of weeks we have grilled salmon, steak, & burgers.  This past weekend I was watching "Cooking For Real" on the food network and saw them fixing Easy Grilled Honey-Dijon Chicken. It looked not only easy but good as well. So I  found the recipe on line, gather all the ingredients and fired up the grill.  All this of course with the help of the Grill Master Joe:-)

This recipe required you to butterfly your chicken breasts.  I went to Harris Teeter and asked the butcher to do this for me & he was more then happy to help.  (I read somewhere that you should become good friends with your butcher if plan on doing a lot of cooking.  Hopefully I will make a new friend:-)

I would probably give it an 8/10 on my recipe rating scale.  It was good but I found it …

Sunday Song "Does Anybody Hear Her" by Casting Crowns

This song/video tells a story.  There are many folks that are members of a church & many folks that are afraid to step foot in a church, that feel isolated and alone, not loved, not cared for.  I have learned over the years that people, even with the best intentions, are not perfect.  I know that I am among the imperfect.   My prayer is that God can open our eyes to see the need that may be right in front of us.   That we have the strength to step out on faith (as our pastor discussed in church this morning), & possibly out of our comfort zone to help fulfill some of the needs that surround us.
Happy Sunday everyone:-)

Exploring Kathiey's Local World...."Maple View Farm"

Not to far from us in Hillsborough NC there is a little ice cream shop called Maple View Farm Country Store.
We have been here before, when our girls were young, but it has been many years.  We decided that over the holiday weekend we would revisit this neat little shop.
Not much has changed.  The little house that has been converted into an ice cream & dairy shop remain as I remember it.  A long row of various flavors of ice cream to choose from.  A front porch lined with rocking chairs for you to sit, relax, & enjoy your ice cream while looking out over the beauty of the country side.  We went in the early evening & joined other folks with ice cream seated on the rocking chairs on the front porch.  We watched kids playing in the open field beside the shop & saw cyclists  riding by as well as stopping in for a quick ice cream before they hit the road again. A friend of my husbands said it is a great place to go get …