Interesting Places to Visit in North Carolina The Country Doctor Museum

I am usually on the search to find interesting places in NC that I would like to visit.  The Country Doctor Museum is one of them.  Being an RN, it is interesting to learn about prior treatment techniques and options.  The Country Doctor Museum is a place that is on my must see places in NC.   Below you will find some photos and quotes from their website.
"The Country Doctor Museum invites people of all ages to visit and learn about the history of rural health care in the United States. Docents lead tours through three buildings of exhibits and are available to answer questions. Exhibits contain artifacts relevant to the practice of medicine between the late 18th century and the first half of the 20th century."
"..the Museum's collection grew to over 5,000 medical artifacts and many volumes of historic texts gathered from across the nation."
Did you notice the bottle on the left?  Moxie Nerve Food.  I wonder if it is to give you nerve or to calm your nerves.  I can't wait to visit and find out. 

The museum exhibits include The Freeman-Brantley Building dedicated to 19th-century health care.  Here you will find an apothecary and a Dr's office. Along with medical instruments among other things. The Carriage House includes the dependable transportation of the day along with a tribute to the nurses of that time. The Farmer Annex includes a gift shop museum office and other exhibits.
7089 Peele Road Bailey
Bailey, NC 27807
Please check the website to verify times and pricing for your visit. 
I can't wait to visit and then write a post.  Stay tuned:-)
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