Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas in Durham NC

Cindy and I were in downtown Durham and decided to check out Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas for dinner They describe themselves as combination of South America and the American South in their cuisine. 
"The concept for Luna came as a result of my love for Durham, South America, and delicious food." Chef and owner Shawn Stokes
Read about Shawn and his wife here

My favorite item of the evening was the Crispy Yuca Frits.  What in the world is that?  Well I did not know either.  Here is a definition I found on line

Definition: Yuca Frita is a a side dish made from the fried root of the cassava plant (as opposed to the yucca plant). Usually, the root is cut into 
two- or three-inch chunks and deep-fried in vegetable oil.

I would order them again in a heartbeat.  
Initially I thought there is no way I will like them as much as french fries.  
I was wrong, they are yummy.
They were very friendly at Luma and I hope to go back and try more from their menu.
If you find yourself in downtown Durham you should give Luna a try.  
Be sure and order the Crispy Yuca Frits:-)
Happy Eating


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