The Beauty of Corning NY with the Road Scholars

Corning NY, what a beautiful town.  I can remember our guide telling us Corning is used as a blueprint to old town revitalization.  Here are a few tidbits from Wikipedia.

"The first settlement in the town of Corning was made near the site of the future city in 1796. The community was set apart from the town as a village in 1848. 
Corning was incorporated as a city in 1890."
"In 2013, Rand McNally's list of best small towns in America named Corning the "Most Fun" town out of all the list's finalists."
 "It is named for Erastus Corning, an Albany financier and railroad executive who was an investor in the company that developed the community."
 "The Corning area's first real industry was lumber."
 "Corning became a railroad town in the 1880s, many smaller railroad lines busily weaving webs of tracks connecting the major trunk line to smaller communities. In 1912, the Corning train wreck three miles east of Corning in Gibson left 39 dead."
 "The city is the headquarters of Fortune 500 company Corning Incorporated, formerly Corning Glass Works,"

 "It is also home to the Corning Museum of Glass, which houses one of the world's most comprehensive collections of glass objects from antiquity to the present."

"The city's other major cultural attraction is the Rockwell Museum. It contains an important collection of Western American painting and sculpture assembled over the past 40 years 
by Robert F. and Hertha Rockwell."
I really wanted to visit this museum but due to car problems I did not get to go on this excursion.  I hear it is fabulous.  I did get a few photos of the outside...

A few unique finds...

I don't run marathons but if I did this would be the one.  I can see myself running down the streets of beautiful tree lined streets of corning with wine in my water bottle:-)
Happy Travels Everyone!


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