Road Scholar Adventure Continued...A Stroll Through the Town of Watkins Glen

After we enjoyed the beauty of Seneca Lake we walked over to the town of Watkins Glen.

Located on the southern tip of Seneca probably best known for its role in auto racing, being the home of a street course used in road racing, a famous racetrack, Watkins Glen International, and a historic race, the Watkins Glen Grand Prix
I am not really a race car fan, but I know several folks that are.  I spoke to one man upon my return.  He asked what I thought of the race track and he was stunned we did not see it.  I told him we did drive by.  For him, the main reason to visit Watkins Glen is for the cars and the race track. As I have always told my kids..."everybody likes different things" and that is ok:-)

Watkins Glen is home to Watkins Glen International, one of the premier automobile road racing tracks in the United States. The first Watkins Glen Sports Car Grand Prix, however, was held in 1948 on public streets in and near the village. Organized by local resident Cameron Argetsinger, it was the first post-WWII road race held in the United States and it marked the revival of American road racing.

The original course ran for 6.6 miles (10.6 km) and passed through the center of the village. 
The streets used for the original course remain intact today and a checkered flag marks 
the original start-finish line on the village's main street.
A few things I noticed on my walk....

We didn't spend much time in the town of Watkins Glen.  We had just finished up our cruise on Seneca Lake and had a bit of free time.  I enjoyed my little walk through the town.  There were a few shops and restaurants.  A new friend and I stopped off at a bar and had some iced tea on this warm NY day in Sept. 
Another great day with the Road Scholars.
Happy Travels!


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