Road Scholar Trip Continued....Cowles Hall Elmira NY

Exploring Elmira College with the Road Scholars.  I loved this building.  The stained glass in the chapel was stunning and seemed to tell a story.  Beautiful!

Cowles Hall - The original building of the campus, built in 1855 and designed by a man named Farrar to have an octagonal center, seventy feet in diameter, and four arms in the shape of a Greek cross. Only three of these wings were built; the eastern and western arms were completed in 1855, while the northern arm was built in 1880. Its cornerstone, containing a copy of the college's charter and various other documents, was laid on July 6, 1854 during a ceremony. The location of this part of the building is unknown. In 1882, construction on the north arm of Cowles Hall was completed. As the first building of the college, Cowles Hall served as a dormitory, dining hall, and classroom. It has recently been renovated and is being used again for academics and student activities. On May 10, 1917, the building was dedicated to Dr. Augustus Cowles, the college's first president, and was given the name which remains today. Cowles Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

 As I was reading about Cowles Hall online, I discovered it is haunted.  Not just haunted but listed in one of the top 10 haunted places in NY according to Info Barrel.  Yikes, if I would have known that I would have been on the lookout.  I was all alone in the chapel for a long time.  I will look for orbs in my photos:-)
I asked the person on staff at the time of my visit if I could take photos and use my flash in the chapel and they said go for it, and I did:-)

This one is my favorite...

Beautiful place with a ton of history and I guess ghosts, although I did not see any.  
If you are in the area I suggest you check out Cowles Hall.  Let me know if you see any ghosts:-)
Happy Travels!


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