Doggie Dress up on Halloween....Brodie is a Triceratops:-)

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.
 ~Mason Cooley
I think if Brodie told a story about his costume it would be along the lines of..."This is not my idea, but I would do anything for you, mom":-)
I decided to check out Amazon for some fun costumes...
Here is what I found.

There are a ton of animal costumes on Amazon.  Even some for cats.
If you are planning to dress up your pet please keep safety in mind.

Advice from Banfield Hospital
If you want to dress your dog up, keep it simple. Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to be put in a full costume. Think about a bandanna or decorative collar. These may be just the right touch. If your dog can tolerate wearing a full costume and actually likes it, pick one that fits comfortably. If it is too tight, it could cut off circulation, restrict movement, obstruct breathing or cause sore spots. If the costume is too loose, your dog can trip or become tangled. Accessories such as strings, capes, belts, etc., can get caught on objects in your house. Your dog could also ingest parts of the costume, i.e. loose fabric or buttons, and choke. If your dog swallows the part, this could cause a blockage or irritation in the gastrointestinal tract.
I would also suggest that we never leave our dog unattended when in costume.
Whatever you decide to do have fun and be safe:-)Kathiey:-)


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