Primal Mud Run 2011 Warrenton Va

Steph called a couple of weeks ago and asked if we could come up the weekend of Nov 5th.  The plan was that Joe and I  would  watch Caleb while Steph, Josh and their friends Tom and Cynthia took part in The Primal Mud Run in Warrenton Va.  We jumped at the chance.  We couldn't wait to see Caleb and I couldn't wait to take pictures at the off we went to Va......

A few pictures before the event....

"Will Mommy and Daddy be ok?"....yes Caleb they will be fine....
"Are you sure?".....Don't worry Caleb
It was a beautiful but chilly day for the race...Our job to keep Caleb warm and happy...
A warm and happy Caleb

The race setting was a beautiful farm in Warrenton Va.

Ready for the big race.  The run included ponds, walls, hay bales to climb, mud pits...they couldn't wait.
Before the race pictures....Excitement was building...

The first wall....They had a plan, guys over first and then help the girls....

Caleb still warm and happy:-)

(Oh my what a mess.  Tom and Josh after the race:-)

Took a few shots of folks in the mud while waiting for Stephanie and Cynthia...
Here they come!

 Post race pictures.  They seemed to have a great time.
Steph asked "Mom would you ever want to be in a race like this?
                 I did not have to think about my response.  "No", easy one word answer:-)

                                                           Caleb happy that everyone was fine and had a good time.
                                                                    Time for a nap.
What a wonderful day.
Get out and try a Mud Run if you dare.
I won't be running with you but I would be happy to take pictures.
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. What a gorgeous selection of pictures. Very good Kathiey and I hope they had as much fun as their expressions showed.

  2. That is really a wonderful time, get mud and have fun. And Caleb was waiting happily.


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