Monday Morning Motivation

Last month our book club read a book titled..."Before I Go to Sleep" by S. J. Watson.  As I am reading  I am always looking for quotes that touch an emotional cord in me.  The story line of the book is centered around a women who has lost her memory, regains bits and pieces of it throughout her day, falls asleep at night and loses it all again.  Sounds awful.  The quote I underlined and that touched me the most  was this  "A ripple across the surface of the lake of memory".  There have been major changes in my life in the last few years, not been easy.  I do my best to give it to God.  I don't allow myself to think much about my past because I tend to gravitate to the pain.  After reading this quote I decided to let myself remember......Let myself remember the good....
I remember Dave.  As my Dad was dying he said Dave take care of your sister & he did.  We became so close.  We laughed and cried together.  We spoke on the phone nearly every night.  He took me up in his plane, scary.  We went out for dinner, we went out for coffee. I was so proud of him, of all he overcame.
I love him.

Mom and Dad.  I do miss them both.  I remember going to Hawaii with Dad.  I remember walking through the Va. woods with him also, that is where he seemed to be the most at peace.  I remember the last movie I watched with Dad..."The Birds", we held hands knowing this would be the last film we would see together.
Mom and I used to have good times.  We would read books play Rummy Cube, watch movies. Mom had a great sense of humor and would come out with the most crazy things and make me laugh.
"Thank you God for our memories.  Help us learn from our experiences.  Help us to remember and find peace and joy in the gift of the good memories.  Please take our memories, use them, both good and bad, to help us to become more like you.  Give us peace in our journey knowing that you are beside us."
Happy Monday Everyone!
Allow yourself to think back and enjoy a memory.  Hope it makes you smile:-)


  1. Hi,
    I so enjoy your writings.
    I first met your family in 1970.We had recently moved into the area and my mom passed away shortly after.A knock
    on the door revealed a kind lady and her son.
    She offered my dad and I a fresh baked cake and
    words of encouragement.I was impacted that a
    complete stranger would take the time for us.
    As time went on and I was absorbed into the
    Hansen household I realized this was typical
    behavior for your mom.
    I am so sorry for you losing your brother David and your mom and dad.

    But conversely I am so happy for you and Joe
    for the grandchild you have.

    Thank you for all the ways your family showed kindness and offered friendship to this
    wallflower kid down the road.

    This Blog of yours truly is a ministry,
    Richard Niehorster


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