Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "The Conservator's Center"

It was a brisk beautiful Sunday morning, a good day for an adventure.  Erica and I got up early, gathered our Groupon tickets and headed to the Conservator's Center in Caswell County NC.  Here is the mission statement from their site....
Our Mission

"Conservators Center is a nonprofit organization that preserves threatened species through rescuing wildlife in need, responsible captive breeding, and providing educational programs and support worldwide."

After driving through the beautiful countryside we found it.  We drove up a narrow dirt and gravel road into the forest/jungle, knowing that we would encounter lions and tigers and who knew what else.  The question that lingered, "would we make it out alive?"  Well, soon we entered an opening and saw several folks gathered for the tour so we joined them.    First thing you have to do is fill out a waver stating you know that the animals are dangerous and that you enter at your own risk.  OK, we signed them.  Now we waited for the tour to begin...As we waited we could hear the wolfs howling and some other low deep sounds, I was reminded of the old Tarzan movies, "I think that may be  the lions".  
You know me I love to take pictures so I took a couple of shots before the tour began.......

The tour begins....we are instructed to stay with the group, not to run or be too loud.  Needless to say, we did stick with the group:-)
First up the Bob Cat or the Lynx?  I forget.
Some type of very pretty cat:-)

Red Fox...

Jungle Cat...
The Serval...
"you wouldn't like me
when I am angry"

Love the wolves!
Reminded me of

(Brodie.  No he was not there.
Not sure if the wolves would allow him in the pack, probably not:-)

Singing Dog
of New Guinea.
So cute!

Our very nice guide handing out

Tiger in a tub.
I did not even see him,
Erica spotted him first.

What a wonderful place!  They take great care of these amazing animals.
It was a joy to have the opportunity to see them up close.
The tour we took was the Enrichment tour.  We choose a picture at the end of
the tour.  I selected the wolf shot and Erica selected the tiger shot.  
I suggest you visit.  If you do go you would need to set it up ahead of time.
They have limited tours so you would need to make reservations.
There is an opportunity to help support the animals through a form of adoption.
You would make monthly donations for a specific animal.  I am sure the center could use the help.
Get out and explore something new.
Enjoy Your World:-)


  1. This is the most awesome place you have shared with us yet to me. And best part for Linda & I is that it is close to where we live kinda sorta. I intend to call them soon. Your photography was absolutely perfect. Great Post.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures Kathiey. I will also have to check this place out soon. I love the big cats, especially the bengal tigers. The photography was great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. FABULOUS pictures. Thanks for sharing. And, what a great place it is!


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