Restaurant Review...."Los Portales Mexican Restaurant" in Durham NC

It was Tuesday night.  Just one of those after work nights, where I was tired and did not feel at all like cooking.  I called Erica and asked if she wanted to try out a new, to us, restaurant.  The answer was a very quick..."Yes!"  We had walked past this restaurant about a week ago and what piqued our interest was the colorful decor.  Bright and  I zoomed home, picked up Erica and off we "Los Portales Mexican Restaurant" in Durham NC.
I found several meanings for the word Los Portales...."the porches, entrance, doorway, the patios".  Sounds welcoming:-)
Now what does "bienvenidos" mean?
It is spanish for "Welcome".  Very nice greeting on the bench outside their door.
Color and whimsy all around....

Tired after a very long day.  Could only manage a half smile....
Full smile now:-)
Strawberry Margarita.
Very good!
Chips and Salsa...
Even the table had
The Menu was extensive.  I did not get to study the menu at home (like I usually do) before our visit, so I made a quick choice. Enchiladas Blancas....They were good.  I did add a bit of salsa for a touch more flavor.

All in all what did I think of LosPortales?  It was fun and relaxing after a long day at work.  The decor was colorful and interesting and the food good.  The service was friendly and the atmosphere casual.  I would go back.
Get out and try a new restaurant.
Enjoy Your World!
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  1. A very good report. I love Mexican food and all your pictures made it look so great. the colors were awesome. Glad you had a good time.

  2. This looks like so much fun and a great restaurant! I have been looking into lots of different mexican restaurant summerfield nc and all over North Carolina trying to find more that I can try out! SO thanks for sharing this! It sounds like a great place!


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