Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "Mebane NC"

We have driven past signs for Mebane NC on probably hundreds of occasions since we have lived in the south.  It is off of "85", but just enough off that it is not in sight as you go flying down the interstate.  As it would happen, several weeks ago Erica was house and dog sitting in Mebane.  I was off work one of her sitting days and we decided to go explore downtown Mebane.  The question is was there a downtown??  We started off on our adventure....and just across the tracks there it was...
Old fashioned brick buildings.
We found several unique shops, and a few eateries.

Erica and I both loved this shop and can't wait to return when we actually
have some money so we can buy a few of their really nice items......

Erica, you would look great in that dress!
So would you Stephie:-)

The shop cat....he was really sweet....

Loved the old brickwork

I would love to give this place a try sometime.....
I read on line that the Martini's are amazing....

Great artwork!

I look forward to returning to Mebane.  I would like to explore the shops when
I have a bit more time.  Maybe buy something nice and then
stop by Dick and Jane's for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat.
Get out and explore....
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


  1. We've stopped one time returning from the mountains but it was to see the Iron Gate Winery which is really tucked away out in the country. I get messages from them on my email and they have a lot of great events going on during the summer. Today we had lunch at a Cooperative store that even sells lunch. It is also the site for the farmers market on sat. mornings. We are enjoying getting around to new places.

  2. I think Mebane is so cute! I love that little shop too, bought a scarf in there a few months back.


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