UNCW Graduation Weekend. You did it Erica:-)

We are now the proud parents of a UNCW graduate.  Erica graduated with honors with a degree in education last Friday.  We spent the weekend celebrating Erica's accomplishments.  What a joy! We went to 2 graduation services, out to a nice dinner, walked around downtown Wilmington and finished the weekend with a poolside picnic with Erica's wonderful friends.  Here is an overview of our weekend....
Erica looking beautiful in the dress that Stephanie and Josh bought her for her graduation.
Trying the cap on for size...perfect fit:-)
Sash she received for studying in Australia .
Beginning another chapter of her life, I know God will bless her!
A few of her close friends.  I know she will miss them.
Overly proud parents:-)
More friends...

The lady on the right is an amazing person.  I believe her name is Dr. Thomas. She was a great motivator for Erica during her studies at UNCW.  She was an inspiration and support.  Erica had nothing but the highest praise for her throughout her college career.  She said Dr. Thomas loved teaching, loved her special ed students and loved and nurtured her college students. She gave the commencement speech at the graduation service.  Amazing job!  I could see why Erica loved her. She inspired me as I sat in the stadium with tears in my eyes.  You could feel her love of life and her hope. It was contagious. Thank you Dr. Thomas from me and your students:-)

Celebration at Circa1922

Next morning off to the Dixie Grill for breakfast....
Then picnic by the pool with friends:-)
Congrats to Erica, Rachel, and Patrick on their big day!! 
 Thank you God for family and friends.  Thank you for being with Erica and her friends as they walk down the new path before them.
Enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. Oh my gosh how awesome! Yay Erica!!!!!! How did she manage TWO ceremonies?! And awesome sash! Wow! Wish I'd gotten one of those. :) Congrats Erica!

  2. Congratulations Erica and good luck with your career in education. You are a beautiful young woman and I know your parents are soooooo proud.

  3. congrats. what a wonderful day for all of you.


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