Happy Mother's Day Mom

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  I miss you!
 I found my self thinking about you a lot this week.  I am sitting here now with tears in my eyes because I can't call you or touch you any more. I miss your smile and your hugs.  Sometimes it is hard.
But we must move on, so in honor of you this weekend I made your famous moist yellow cake that everyone one always raved about.  "No", mine was not as good as yours, I just don't have your touch, but it was still tasty and a nice reminder of you.
Did you know you are going to be a great grandmom?  You probably are looking down from heaven thrilled.  Yes, it is a little boy.  Caleb, love the name:-) Yesterday we took pictures at Duke Gardens of the new parents to be.  Steph and Josh make a beautiful couple and Steph looks adorable with her baby belly.  Erica and I are in a few of the shots too.  Here are some of my favorites that I took with a few flowers thrown in and Josh doing a few of his cross fit moves.
(Mom you should see Erica's photos they are amazing:-)
Beautiful Stephie, such a cute shot:-)

Meant to be together....

Steph said "three generations"

Another beautiful girl:-)


Proud parents to be

Erica the teacher and photographer...:-)

I love this shot.  As I was looking at it I realized that you are in this picture too  Mom.  See the Opal ring.  It was yours.  
Josh had it fixed for Stephanie.  So in reality there were 4 generations represented in the garden yesterday.
Mom, you would be so proud of Steph Josh and Erica.  I wish you were here to hug them and to hold Caleb when he arrives.  But I know you are watching us from afar with Dad and David at your side.
Happy Mothers Day.  Thanks for being such a great mom!
Love You


  1. Wow!! Kathiey, I was blown away with great quality of these photos. The photography is awesome. I mentioned you on my blog today. I went to the Rocky Mount Farmers Market yesterday and saw a sign next to some awesome tomatoes that said Sun Burst like the sign I saw when you were in Cary. Turns out the Cary operation is the husband and the wife runs the Rocky Mount stand. Hope you had a great Mothers Day.

  2. beautiful photos! I know how it feels to miss your mum but as you say, I am sure she is looking down on you all, sending lots of loving vibes :)


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