Restaurant Review..."Hillsborough BBQ Company" in Hillsborough NC

It was Thursday night and Joe said "lets try out a new restaurant in Hillsborough".  He and his cycle buddies had cycled past this new venue and he said he thought they were opening this week.  I searched on line and found them, the  Hillsborough BBQ Company  Little did we know when we arrived it was their opening night.  How exciting!
Here is a quote from their website....

We are proud to offer a little something for everyone. While whole hog bbq is our specialty, all of our meats, appetizers sides, vegetarian options, soups, and of course pies are made with the best ingredients available from scratch.
Thanks for visiting and ENJOY!"
Sounds great!  So after work on Thursday we headed to one of my favorite local towns, Hillsborough NC.
We parked across the street and as soon as we opened the door we were hit with the aroma of pit cooked BBQ..wonderful:-)  I loved the stained glass pig that greeted us above the door.  Many guests were seated outside.  We ventured inside and were welcomed by very friendly and helpful folks.  They led us to our table.
Very nice setting.
The hard wood gives
it a warm welcoming feel.
Glad to see they have beer and wine:-)

Looked over the drink menu.
I went with the "Vino" and
ordered the Moscato.

Very good slightly sweet white.

Now what should we order?  The menu had ribs, BBQ pork, chicken, catfish, turkey, brisket, rabbit.  It all sounded great.  We decided to order a three meat combo and share it.  We went with the ribs, BBQ pork and chicken.  For our sides we ordered corn pudding and baked beans.  Of course hushpuppies came with the meal.
Foods here.  Yum!
The hushpuppies were amazing.
Next time I would order an extra side of those.   The pork was good....

....there were 2 choices of sauces to put on your pork.
The Eastern Sauce being more vinegar based and Jeff's Mid Western Sauce being a bit more sweet.  
I liked them both.  I found myself combining them.  That may be a "no no" but it tasted good:-)

I enjoyed all 3 meats.  My favorite was the chicken.  Very moist with an amazing smokey flavor.

I love corn pudding and the BBQ
Company's version did not disappoint.  Very good.  Beans were good too:-)

Yep, darn good hushpuppies!

We decided to try the banana pudding.  
It was very nice.  Next time I want to try one of their home made pies.

By the time we were leaving there were lines of folks waiting to try this new restaurant....

We had a great night at the Hillsborough BBQ Company.  I can't wait to go back and try the brisket and I may get brave and even try rabbit.  Nice venue, friendly people, great food.  I suggest you give them a try.
Get out and try a new restaurant.
Enjoy your world everyone:-)

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  1. Thanks Kathiey for the new tip. I have a file on my desktop that I am adding these names to for future reference when Linda and I get to your neck of the woods. Seems to be the perfect spot to enjoy everything I love.


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