Saturday Shopping-Halloween Costumes I Found on Amazon

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The question of the month is what we should wear for Halloween this year?  I decided to check out some costumes for myself because I am going to a Halloween party and for Caleb and Maggie.
Here is what I found...
So Maggie wants to be Poppy from the movie Trolls.   I think this costume is adorable and the tights would be perfect if the evening gets chilly.

I honestly don't know what Caleb wants to be this year, but I thought these two costumes were impressive.
 Now for me.  I am going to a Halloween party.  It is all about witches.  Let's see what I can find...


                         I am leaning toward getting the purple one.  What do you think?
What are you wearing for Halloween this year?  Are you going to any parties?
Happy Fall and Halloween Everyone!


  1. Oh, these costumes are really cool!!
    Thanks for the share

    1. They are fun aren't they Hiby. I think I will get one of the witch costumes for myself.
      Are you dressing up this year?


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