A Few Things to do in North Carolina this Weekend Oct 31-Nov 4, 2018

Its time to start planning your weekend.  Here are just a few things to do in NC this weekend...
*Nov 2-4 is the Holiday Market in Greensboro NC
*Oct 31-Nov 4 is the Clayton Harvest and Music Festival in Clayton NC
*Nov 2-4 is An Evening with CS Lewis in Greensboro NC
*Nov 3 is the Salt and Smoke Festival in Orange County NC
*Nov 4 there is a Food Truck Rodeo in Durham NC
*Nov 2-4 is the 2018 Carolina Artisan Craft Market in Raleigh NC
*Nov 3-4 is the 77th Annual NC Gourd Arts and Crafts Festival in Raleigh NC
Oct 31-Halloween
Nov 1-Authors Day
Nov 2-Look For Circles Day
Nov 3-Sandwich Day
Nov 4-National Candy Day
Nov 5-National Love Your Red Hair Day
Nov 6-National Nachos Day

As usual guys you need to check all event websites to verify times and pricing.  
I can't guarantee anything.  

Whatever you decide to do have a great time.

(If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee or glass of wine for my efforts I would be honored.  
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