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The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade in Durham NC

The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade in Downtown Durham. Cindy and I were exploring in Durham again and she mentioned The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade.  She had been once before and said it was fun.  I had never heard of it so I said "lets go!"..... Quote from their site... "Quarter Horse Bar & Arcade is a private club with an amazing collection of classic arcade and pinball machines."When you arrive you are greeted by a staff member.  He or she will have you fill out a membership form.  You have to be over 21 to be a member.  That being said they do also have some kid friendly hours. A few hours on Saturday and Sunday.  The kiddos have to be accompanied by an adult.  Check their website for hours. When you walk in you will see a nice bar and dozens of pinball machines and games.  What fun.  I could have stayed for hours.  The games brought back memories of the arcades of my childhood.
Cindy and I both ordered wine.  They have these nifty little wine holders that you…

Finding Joy in July 2017 "The Joy"

There is joy to be found even though life is in no way perfect.   Here are some moments of joy from July 2017
I enjoy posting about adventures and fun times with the family.....
Cupcakes at Small CakesPeach Day at the State Farmers Market
Summer menu tasting with fellow bloggers.Sunday Funday with the Family
So much joy to be found in the month of July.  We went to afternoon tea at a local hotel.
Boating adventures with family

Caleb's 6th Birthday. Reading a good book by the pool. I would love to know what brought you joy in the month of July.   Please comment or post a photo for me to share on my blog.   Feeling Thankful KathieyV:-)

A Few Things to do in NC Aug. 16-20, 2017

Looks like the weekend is nearly upon us.  Let's look at a few things to do in NC this weekend.

*Aug - 19th you can ride the rails and enjoy a wine paring.  The Great Smokey Mountains RailRoad Reserve.  The train departs from the Bryson City Depot. I want to go.
*Aug - 19th is the Toast of Annapolis Beer and Wine Festival in KannapolisNC.
*Aug 18 - 19 you can attend the 8th annual Dirty Dancing Festival in Lake Lure NC.
*Aug 17-19th is the 43rd Annual North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival in Marion NC.
*Aug 17 - 19 you can have fun at the Maggie Valley Summer Rally in Maggie Valley NC.

Aug 19 is the HoneyBee Festival in Kernersville NC.

So what exciting holidays are coming up? Aug 16 - Tell a Joke Day. Aug 17 - National Thrift Shop Day. Aug 18 - Bad Poetry Day. Aug 19 - Honeybee Awareness Day. Aug 20 - National Radio Day. Aug 21 - Senior Citizens Day. Aug 22 - National Tooth Fairy Day.
Have a great weekend! KathieyV:-)
(Please check event links for time, location, and pricing. I …

Bills, Bills, and More Bills...Trying to Stay Organized

When you begin on your path through separation and divorce, everything seems overwhelming.  
Just getting up in the morning can be an ordeal.  Suddenly you may find yourself in deep despair, 
and along with that, it seems,  you have a million more responsibilities that you may or may not 
know how to tackle. I made many mistakes in the beginning.  One major one was allowing my soon to be ex to continue to pay the bills.  Oddly I still wanted to trust my X and thought he cared.  What was I thinking?  I wasn’t thinking at all, I was on auto pilot.  If you find yourself in this place in your life please put everything in your name that you possibly can and quickly as you can.  Don’t trust someone who is breaking your heart with anything in your life. I found in the beginning, when I did finally take over my finances,  I was extremely disorganized.  I was often late on payments not because I did not have the money to pay but because I was treading water in an unknown land. Just how bad can it b…

Morning Motivation Based on a Sermon by Rick Warren

You can listen to his sermon hereThe Amazing Power of Forgiveness

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 (These are my thoughts based on Rick's Sermon) At the beginning of his sermon, Rick asked five questions.  I am going to look at three of the questions and follow up with the others on my next post.   #1 A person should not be forgiven until they ask for it.  True or False?  False.  Pastor Rick says that we need to grant forgiveness whether or not there has been a request.   He says real forgiveness is unconditional and should be given as soon as possible.  That is a tough one when you have been wronged.  Many times we need to go through the grieving process before this is possible.  If we continue to give the situation to God and trust Him I believe it can be done.  #2 Forgiveness includes minimizing the offense and the pain caused.  True or False?  False.  Forgiveness is mea…

Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas in Durham NC

Cindy and I were in downtown Durham and decided to check out Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas for dinner They describe themselves as combination of South America and the American South in their cuisine.  "The concept for Luna came as a result of my love for Durham, South America, and delicious food." Chef and owner Shawn Stokes
Read about Shawn and his wife here

My favorite item of the evening was the Crispy Yuca Frits.  What in the world is that?  Well I did not know either.  Here is a definition I found on line
Definition: Yuca Frita is a a side dish made from the fried root of the cassava plant (as opposed to the yucca plant). Usually, the root is cut into  two- or three-inch chunks and deep-fried in vegetable oil. Trip Savvy
I would order them again in a heartbeat.   Initially I thought there is no way I will like them as much as french fries.   I was wrong, they are yummy.
They were very friendly at Luma and I hope to go back and try more from their menu. If you find yourself in downtow…

Quotes by NC Author's and Writer's...Nicholas Sparks

That is an understatement.  Thanks Nick for the insight!

A Few Things To Do In NC Aug 9-13, 2017

*Aug 11-12 there will be a Pirate Invasion in Beaufort NC

*Aug 12 is the 30th annual Crepe Myrtle Festival in Scotland Neck NC
*Aug 12 in Cherokee NC they are having a Blueberry Festival.
*Aug 11-13 go to Black Mountain NC for the 40th Annual Sourwood Festival. (I do believe sourwood is a tree and they from it the bees make delicious honey)
Don't forget the fun holidays...
Aug 9 - Book Lovers Day...What are you reading?
Aug 10 - Lazy Day
Aug 11 - Son and Daughter Day
Aug 12 - Middle Childs Day
Aug 13 - Left Handers Day
Aug 14 - National Creamsicle Day
Aug 15 - Relaxation Day
Have a great weekend everyone! KathieyV (Please check event links for time, location, and pricing.   All photos are taken from the event websites.Check out my disclaimer page. )

Travel Fashion....Let's Go Swimming

I have a few bathing suits.  I feel like I need one more for any swimming I may do on the NC coast or lakes and of course for the pool this summer.
I searched and searched and finally came across one bathing suit I particularly liked.  I found it on a site called Swim Suits for All. They have a huge variety of choices.  This is the one that will be coming to me for $44.80, not a bad price as swim suit prices go..They are having a lot of sales so check them out. I like the style a lot. Now I need a cover up. I decided on the Dotti Sunny Stripe Crochet-Inset Cover-Up Shirt at Macy's on sale for $26.99..and got another $6.00 off using my Macy's coupon. Happy Day:-)

I looked for hats but I think I will stick with my baseball hat. I do need a bag but I am sure I can find something right here at home. I have one bag that is stuffed with paperwork that would be perfect for a water outing.
Can't wait to get my things. I am now officially done with my summer shopping.
I ma…

Morning Motivation Inspired by Matthew West "Mended"

I love love love this song by Matthew West.  I can listen to it over and over and feel like God is speaking to me.  Matthew is telling us that even when we see ourselves as damaged and we see no possibility of repair that God sees us differently.  God knows that if we just hold onto Him and to our faith, we can be "mended" even though we may feel irrevocably broken.

"You see the scars from where you fell. I see the stories they will tell" Matthew West

We all have scars.  It could be due to death, illness, divorce, and the list goes on and is so individual.  I have been in total despair. When my husband left me,  with no warning, it changed my way of thinking.  Where I was hopeful and optimistic, I became hopeless.  Where I was brave, I became engulfed in fear and uncertainty.

I did hold onto God, although it was a struggle and I nearly let go.  God was faithful and kept me going.  I am happy now.  My hope is centered in God and not dependent on people.  This, I b…

North Carolina Fun and Interesting Facts...Babe Ruth

To say I am a sports fan would be a total exaggeration. In most cases, I could care less.  I can and do at times enjoy sports.  For example, if I know someone is playing the game I love to cheer them on.  If money is involved, I could get into the game, although that has never happened.  Once in a while, I enjoy a fast paced game such as soccer or ice hockey.  Living in NC since the early 90's I have found you have to choose between Duke and UNC during the basket ball season.  I try to care and have watched maybe three Duke vs. UNC games since I have lived here.  Maybe I will watch one in the upcoming season, but probably not unless it is at a sports bar and I can distract myself with several glasses of wine. 
That being said I do enjoy sports tidbits.  I found some exciting sports history that involves Babe Ruth and his first home run. Many believe his first home run was right here in NC although it is a disputed fact.  I found this quote somewhere on line "Babe Ruth hit his f…

A Few Things to do in NC Aug. 2-6, 2017

Looks like the weekend is nearly upon us.  Let's look at a few things to do in NC this weekend.
*Thursday Aug 3- Outer Banks Watermelon Festival in Nags Head NC

*Aug 3-5 is the 62nd Annual Robbins Farmers Day Event in Robbins NC
*Friday and Saturday Aug 4th and 5th is Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair in Burnsville NC
*Aug 4 through Aug 5 is the National Lighthouse Weekend on Bald Head Island NC
*Aug 2-5 is the NC Watermelon Festival in Murfreesboro NC.
*Saturday Aug 5th-SoundBites Food and Music Festival in Lenoir NC
*Sunday Aug 6- Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo from 3-9pm
Lets take a look at some fun and unique holidays...
Wed Aug 2-National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Thursday Aug 3 -National Watermelon Day
Friday Aug 4-International Beer Day
Saturday Aug 5-National Underware Day
Sunday Aug 6-Friendship Day
Monday Aug 7-National Lighthouse Day
Tuesday Aug 8-Sneak Some Zucchini Unto Your Neighbors Porch Day???
Have a great weekend everyone! KathieyV (Please check event links for time, loc…