Interesting Places to Visit in NC... Calaboose Cellars in Andrews NC

I am always looking for new adventures.  I recently came across an interesting place, while searching online,  Calaboose Cellars in Andrews NC.
First off, where is Andrews NC?  It is way out there in western NC.  
Andrews NC
Calaboose is a slang term used for jail, prison, dungeon.  A term usually used to describe a local lockup.
Luckily, in the Calaboose Cellars, you will not find bad guys but you will find wine and beer.
According to their website they are....
Check out their wine list.... and here you can find information on the beer.
(From online photos)
(From their website)
(Online Photo)
Photo from Yelp Click here for yelp reviews...
I searched for the history of the building.  I did not find very much, only that it really was a jail and that it was the first town jail in Andrews.

I would like to plan a trip to far western NC.  If and when I do I will seek out some wine at Calaboose Cellars in Andrews NC.  Maybe I will see you there.
Happy Travels and Adventures!
(None of the above photos are mine.  Credit is given to all photos)


  1. I don't even think of wine when I think of North Carolina. This is yet another place to visit out there.

    1. Wine has become a big deal in NC. There are so many wineries to visit and I have only hit a few. I wish I could visit them all! Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

  2. This looks SO fun! I've actually heard a lot about this place but never visited. Will have to make a trip.

    1. I had not heard of it. I came across it when I was looking at small towns in NC. Looks really interesting. Thanks for stopping by:-)


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