Lets Go Shopping For....Maggie...Tesa Babe Clothing

I do most of my Maggie shopping on Zulily.  Zulily is where I found Tesa Babe.  I love love love their baby clothes.  I decided to see if Amazon carried the line and happy day yes they do.

They did not have photo links to the blue dress or the little pink romper so I will give you the link.
The Blue Dress and the Pink Romper.  Check out the Tesa Babe website.  So many cute clothes!
Here is baby Maggie in her Tesa Babe style.  Adorable.

So if you have any little ones in your life that you like to dress up I suggest you check out the Tesa Babe line of clothing.  So Cute!!!
Happy Shopping.


  1. So many cute options!!! Love all of them!! I'll have to pass this on to my friends with little girls.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mistle, I love the clothing too:-)


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