A Few Things To Do In NC This Weekend June 29-July 4th, 2017

A Few Things to do in NC this Weekend.  June 29-July2, 2017
*Festival for the Eno in Durham NC Saturday July 1st through Tuesday July 4th.
Music, food, crafts and more...

*Fireworks by the Sea and Boardwalk Blast in Carolina Beach NC is on Thursday June 29th.

*The city of Faith NC is having several days of celebrations for the 4th of July.

*You can celebrate Christmas in July Festival in West Jefferson NC.  This Saturday July 1st.
*Go to a play at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain NC.  "Liberty Mountain, The Revolutionary Drama.  There are several dates for this performance.  Please check website for dates and tickets. 
*July 1-3 is the Red White and Bluegrass Festival in Morganton NC.

*Last Friday Art Walk in Hillsborough NC, Friday June 30th.
*Sunday July 2nd there is another event in Hillsborough NC.  You can attend Picnic in the Park.
There are a ton of opportunities to see fireworks in NC.  I would check each town near you for a list of times and places.  I did find one website that lists several firework locations....Fireworks
Now lets take a look at a few special days...
June 29 is Camera Day...I love taking pictures:-)
June 30 is Waffle Iron Day...I don't have one.  Maybe I will go out for Waffles.
July 1st is International Joke Day.  Be sure and share a good joke.
July 2nd I Forgot Day, that would be nearly everyday for me.
July 3rd, Stay Out of the Sun Day.
July 4th is Independence Day!!!
July 5th National Bikini Day...."not happening"
July 6th National Fried Chicken Day.  I may have to go get some.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Try to make it to see fireworks somewhere and maybe celebrate on of the many listed holidays.

Please be sure and check all the posted links for times and pricing of events.  The photos used in this post are not mine but are from the event venues.

Happy Weekend


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