Doyle's Vineyard in Durham NC

I was in the mood to explore.  I called Erica and said "let's visit Doyle's Vineyard".  I did not have to ask her twice.
Doyle's Vineyard is located in Durham NC on NC Highway 751.  Doyle's is the RTP tasting location for RagApple Lassie Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley of NC.
Doyle's has a Facebook page where you find a list of upcoming events.  I love how they open their winery to the community.  In the past I have seen dog-friendly events, Easter Egg Hunts for both adults and children, they even had an owl release.  This all sounds fantastic to me, plus you can sip their wine while enjoying the fun:-)
They have a main lobby area and from there you can enter the tasting room through a narrow passageway.  Erica ventured in before me....
What a unique and interesting room.
I love the label.  Notice the arrowhead shaped pendent on the cow?  There is story behind the pendent and the cow.  You can read more at the RagApple Lassie website.

My favorite wine of the day was the Chardonnay and Kaleidoscope Red.  
Erica and I both enjoyed a glass of wine after the tasting.  We sipped our wine while relaxing on a wooden deck overlooking the water.  There were plenty of seats and small tables.

Interesting sculptures....

Lovely location...

We had a very nice time at Doyle's.  I do plan to visit again. 
Get out and explore.  I suggest you visit Doyle's Vineyard. 


  1. Thanks for the suggestion.My first time hearing of this vineyard since moving here 2 yrs ago. I love that there is so much to explore and discover in NC. Especially for is wine lovers! CHEERS

    1. Hi Leslie. There is another one in our area that I enjoyed Cloer Family vineyards Cheers to you too:-)

    2. It looks like a beautiful place!

  2. Oh! I wondered why Doyle's Vineyard sounded familiar! I've passed it a hundred times on 751 :) Very cool, it looks like a fun visit!

    1. Yes I passed it many times too. Glad I finally stopped in. They have a ton of events there. I was thinking of doing a book signing there, I just have to figure out how to do it:-)


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