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Fearrington's 15th Annual Folk Art Show in Pittsboro NC

As I was researching things to do this past weekend I came across Fearrington's 15th Annual Folk Art Show in Pittsboro NC.  It was not all that far away so Cindy and I took off on the adventure.  Here is how they describe the show....

"Our annual Folk Art Show features the work of self-taught artists who are deeply influenced by the spirit of folk art, na├»ve art, primitivism and outsider art. You’ll see whimsical paintings, fantastical robots, sculptures, pottery and more. Fearrington has garnered a reputation for bringing together an eclectic group of outsider artists who represent some of the most interesting work to be found in the outsider art world. We hope you’ll experience it for yourself! All sales proceeds benefit the artists directly; Fearrington takes no commission from the artists, nor does Fearrington charge a booth fee to the artists selected for the show. Entry is $5 at the door."

The photos below are from the outside of the show.  We did not go into the act…

The Goat Deli, Coffee and Wine Shop in Pittsboro NC

Cindy and I were in Pittsboro NC last week.  Our intention was to visit the Folk Art event they were having at Fearrington Village, have lunch at the Granary and then stop off for a glass of wine at The Goat Deli, Coffee, and Wine Shop.

Here is a description from their website... "Offering our Fearrington blend coffee roasted on-site, fresh morning pastries, housemade gelato, artisan soups, salads, sandwiches and signatures, and over 150 selections of wine stocked by our sommeliers — The Goat is the perfect way to start your morning, enjoy your lunch and relax at the end of the day."

They have a Facebook page.where you can find specials and events.  I wish I lived a bit closer so I could take advantage of all they have to offer.

Enjoy my photos and some quotes about their shop from their website, they will be in parentheses. 

What will you find?  //  AT THE GOAT'S WINE SHOPA revolving selection of over 150 wines from all over the world, all under $35Monthly hand-picked favor…

Morning Motivation...He Directs our Path

I love to travel.  I love adventures.  I love the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the trails in the mountains of NC, feeling the cool breeze during a bike ride near the beach.  I have a five yr old grandson, and we go on adventures.  We have been to museums, the zoo, the park, the ocean and there are many other excursions that I am planning.  My dog Brodie and I love to go on walking adventures together.
It would be exciting if life's journeys would take us to exotic beaches, towering snowcapped mountains, and beautiful cathedrals.  Wouldn't that be great?  Yes, we can make some of those things happen, and I hope to. But, sometimes life's journeys are less than joyous.  Life events such as death, illness, and in my case, divorce.  The pain can be devastating.   In these times we call out to God.
Lord, please wrap your arms around us.  Give us your peace, joy, and comfort no matter what adventure we find ourselves on.  Please direct our path and help us to trust your di…

Hiking Loblolly Trail and Schenck Forest in Raleigh NC

I joined a local hiking Meetup group.  I went on my first hike yesterday.  We started at Schenck Forest and from there ended up on the Loblolly Trail.   Below is a description of the Loblolly Trail from NC There are links to each trail below.
Loblolly Trail Location: Back righthand corner of the Reedy Creek Entrance parking lot. Description: This out and back trail crosses Reedy Creek and continues to the park boundary. For those looking to venture farther, the trail connects to Schenck Forest. Options for loops are available at intersections with the park’s multi-use trail at Reedy Creek Trail and South Turkey Creek Trail. Point of Interest:  Length:
2.70 miles
One-way Difficulty:
Moderate Blaze:
Blue Squares

Surface: Natural surface When I hike with a group, I pay little attention to our location.  I just follow along and trust the leader.  We had a group of around 15 yesterday and I came up the rear so I could take photos.  We went about 6 miles at a good clip, about 2.75mph. 


Restaurant Review...Eddie's on Lake Norman, Mooresville NC

One thing I love about travel is trying new restaurants.  Cindy and I found ourselves on an adventure in the Mooresville NC area near Lake Norman.  There is nothing like enjoying a meal by the water and when we read that Eddie's was on the water we decided to give it a try.  Off we went...

Eddie's on Lake Norman Here is a quote from their website. "Eddie Lubic and Ann-Margaret Wagner bring their hospitality and restaurant expertise  from New York to the shores of Lake Norman."
 View from our outdoor seating... Sadly it did not get the best reviews on Zomato, but for the view and casual dinning I would go back. The staff was friendly and service was good.

Plenty of room outdoors and in.  Indoor seating  A bit of wine:-) 
 "Eddie and Ann-Margaret's mission is always to provide the freshest seafood, prime meats, produce, pasta, and bread every meal."  Eddie's
We enjoyed our veggie and cheese platter along with some adult beverages.  Yummy:-)

We had a lovel…

Zimmerman Vineyards in Trinity NC

As Cindy and I continued on our NC adventure we decided to stop by an off the beaten path vineyard.    Zimmerman Vineyards in Trinity NC.  We seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  GPS told us to turn into a field but luckily we did not listen and we went a bit further down the road.  Finally we saw a sign.   We turned in and then proceeded down a single lane unpaved road.  Cindy was humming the theme song from Deliverance.  We were wondering if we should turn around when all the sudden we saw it...Zimmerman Vineyards.
Here is what they say on their website...
"Zimmerman Vineyards wine labels depict an image, sketched by Leslie Zimmerman, of Sisyphus, the Greek mythological King of Corinth, who was forever condemned to pushing a great boulder uphill. We mirror our experiences to those of Sisyphus with one exception, that our efforts have been goal-driven and have led us to the realization of a dream." ZV

 "Nestled among the Uwharrie Mountains, enjoy beautiful views of t…