Book Review "A Deadly Grind" by Victoria Hamilton

I just finished listening to a book called "A Deadly Grind" by Victoria Hamilton.  I don't care if love a book or dislike a book there is always something to learn on the adventure.  Did I love this book.  No, but it was fine.  A nice light listen.

Here is how the book is introduced on Amazon....
 A Hoosier to die for?
When vintage cookware and cookbook collector Jaymie Leighton spies an original 1920s Hoosier brand kitchen cabinet at an estate auction, it’s love at first sight. Despite the protests of her sister that the 19th-century yellow-brick house they share in Michigan is already too cluttered with Jaymie’s “junk,” she successfully outbids the other buyers and triumphantly takes home her Hoosier.
But that night on the summer porch where they’ve left the Hoosier to be cleaned up, a man is murdered, struck on the head with  the steel meat grinder that is part of the cabinet. Who is this stranger—and what was he doing on their porch? Does his death have anything to do with the Hoosier?
First off just what is a hoosier?  Wikipedia says "Hoosier cabinet (also known as a "Hoosier") is a type of cupboard popular in the first decades of the 20th century".  Here is a photo I found on line.
I do believe my aunt and uncle had one.  I was very young but I can recall something similar in their old stone house in Pa.  The other thing I recall  was an old stove that heated the house.  
The only quote I came across, and this will not be an exact quote, was in regard to her parents.  Her mom said she didn't really know the man she was married to for 40 some years.  The daughter wondered if you really ever know someone else.  Hey I can relate to that quote but that is an entirely different post.
I really don't know what to say about this book.  There is a bit of romance, not much.  There is murder and mystery.  You just don't know who to trust.  And there is a little 3 legged dog named Hopalong. It was a good book to listen to while I cleaned the house....I did not have to think at all:-)
Happy Reading!


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