Media Motivation....Fashion ideas from "A Deadly Grind" by Victoria Hamilton

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A Deadly Grind
Victoria Hamilton


I am listening to it on Audible.  So far it is an easy and entertaining listen.  I am motivated by an auction they were attending in the book.  Of the many items up for bid were listed I found myself interested in one on the list, chandelier earrings.  I thought to myself "here I am nearly 60 years old and I have never owned a pair".  Well, that was about to change....
I consulted the web...
First off what are they?  Here is what Ross and Simons has to say about the Chandelier Earring...
"Popular as they are today, these earrings have a history that stretches back to ancient Greece. In fact, archaeologists there uncovered gold filigree chandeliers with enameled rosettes and tiny shell pendants that were determined to be from the fifth century B.C. Chandelier earrings from the third century B.C., again of gold filigree, were also discovered on the east coast of Turkey. Further examples of this style — with emeralds, sapphires and pearls added — were dated from A.D. 600. When it comes to a classic look, does it get any more authentic than that?"  
Ross and Simons 
Now it is time to consult Amazon and here is what I can find.
This one is a bit to pricey for me...but pretty.

Ok lets get real and move onto a more reasonable price.
Here is the one I decided on...

I love to be motivated by the things I read and today I was motivated to buy earrings.  Can't wait to wear them.
Happy Reading and Shopping.  
I will leave you with some humor I found online


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