Fun Finds at Great Western/Pleasant Valley Wine Company in Hammondsport NY

I found a few interesting and fun items while I was touring Great Western/Pleasent Valley Wine Company in Hammondsport NY.  You know me always looking for curious things...

Loved the giant bottle and the large corkscrew.
Beautiful lighting fixtures.
The Riddling Rack.
What is Riddling?


Le Remueur: 1889 engraving of a man engaged in the laborious daily task of turning each bottle a fraction
"After ageing, the bottles undergo a process known as riddling (remuage in French). In this stage, the bottles are placed on special racks called pupitres that hold them at a 45° angle, with the crown cap pointed down. Once a day (every two days for Champagne), the bottles are given a slight shake and turn, alternatively on right then left, and dropped back into the pupitres, with the angle gradually increased. The drop back into the rack causes a slight tap, pushing sediments toward the neck of the bottle. In 10 to 14 days (8 to 10 weeks for Champagne), the position of the bottle is straight down, with the lees settled in the neck. 
Many stores now sell riddling racks for decorative storage of finished wine."
I am not positive but I believe this contraption pictured below may be used for disgorging???
Here is what Wikipedia had to say....


The lees removal process is called disgorging (dégorgement in French), traditionally a skilled manual process where the crown cap and lees are removed without losing much of the liquid, and a varying amount of sugar added. 
This must be a wine press....
I like the look of this "Cork Puller" but I would be worried I would lose much of the wine if the cork was pulled at this angle.  So I will stick with my little one:-)
Get out and go on an adventure.
You never know what interesting items you may find.


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