Tips from My Daughter the Real Estate Agent. The Garage Door

My daughter is a Real Estate Agent in Durham NC.  She sends out a weekly newsletter called Your Home Actions News.  I decided to do a weekly post and focus on one of the articles her newsletter.

This week's topic garage doors....I will choose just a few suggestions from the article on her site....
(I went online and found a few garage doors that I would love to have.  Sadly I don't have a garage but if I did it would look like one of these:-)

"Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins"

"Use Your Garage. Park your car inside the garage when it is not being used or if you are leaving by other means. Many people leave their garage door opener in their car and all it takes is something like a broken window in your car, which can give a thief access to your home. To combat this, you can also make sure to remove the remote if you leave your car outside of the garage.

Bolt It. Use a manual sliding bolt-style lock on the inside of your garage door that can only be opened from the inside.

Keep It Contained.- Do not leave important items in the garage and make sure to lock the door into your home. If thieves do break into the garage, you want to make sure that is all they can access. Place a deadbolt and anti-kick device on the door which leads to the garage from the home on a connected garage.

Thanks Erica for the safety tips.  If I had a garage door I would employ them:-)

You know me I have to add a quote....

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore 
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