Road Scholar Adventure continued....What I found in the Glen Curtiss Museum The Health Jolting Chair

There are all kinds of things in the Glen Curtiss Museum not just bikes I planes.  I was wandering the rows in the museum  with the other Road Scholars and came across this....The Health Jolting Chair.
Looks just like my parents old dining room chairs but with a few added features...
The description... I did not know I needed my internal organs shifted back into place.
 The side view....
 I decided to go online and see what I could find on this Jolting Chair

I like the comment "No dwelling-house is completely furnished without the Health Jolting Chair." 
I will have to tell my daughter the real estate agent:-)
I decided to check out Google for other health aids from back in the day.
Bust Cream- I could use that:-)
 I think I will order this too.  I can wash away any fat with soap. So easy.  I like the before and after photos.  I can get 3 bars for $1.00 and according to the ad be as slim as I like.
 Don't need this one, at least not yet...
 I am going out to get some donuts today.  I can get my Vitamin B and then can wash any fat acquired, from eating the donuts, away with La-Mar Reducing Soap.  Life is good:-)
Another great day of learning with the Road Scholars.
Get out and travel.
Enjoy Your World!


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