Lake Keuka Picnic with the Road Scholars

When you travel with the Road Scholars you are in for a treat.  Great food, wonderful people and adventure await you.  Be prepared to learn a great deal about your surroundings.  On one of our days of exploration, we visited Lake Keuka.  So pretty.  It was a beautiful day in Sept.  The lake itself was a lovely blue.  I remember a lady  swimming and a man  fishing.  I went up and touched the water.  Yes, it was cold but not freezing.  If I would have had my bathing suit on I would have jumped in...
""Keuka Lake (/ˈkjuːkə/ kew-kəis one of the major Finger Lakes in the U.S. state of New York
It is unusual because it is Y-shaped
"This body of water possesses large and healthy populations of lake troutbrown troutrainbow trout, landlocked salmonsmallmouth basslargemouth bass, and yellow perch. The productive fishery is supported by huge numbers of baitfish, most notably alewives (sawbellies), 
and is a very popular lake with area fishermen."
I don't know why I was surprised to learn there were salmon in the waters of the lake.  I guess I assumed they were only in Alaska.  Shows how much I know about fish. When I was young I did fish with my Dad off of Ocean City Maryland.  We would take a 2-4 hour ride out into the ocean and fish  for marlin or bluefish, and whatever else we could find.  Dad loved it:-)

"Keuka means "canoe landing" in the Iroquois language 
and "lake with an elbow" in the Seneca language."
I can never resist taking a photo of a flower:-)
 "The lake is about 20 miles.  A depth of 186 feet."
 The Road Scholars took such good care of us.  They provided a lovely picnic lunch in the small park there at the lake front.  Sandwiches and fruit.  Delicious.
"Hammondsport lies at the south end of the lake. Hammondsport was the home of Glenn Curtiss, a pioneer of naval aviation, and is now the site of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum."
Another great day with the Road Scholars.  I need to plan my next trip.
Happy Travels everyone!


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