Glen Curtiss "Aviation Pioneer". Exploring the Glen Curtiss Museum with the Road Scholars. "The Planes"

The Glen Curtiss Museum in NY is filled with so many interesting things.  There are bikes, planes, cars, quilts, and various other items.  Today's focus, the planes and Glenn's contribution.

Glenn Hammond Curtiss was an 
American aviation pioneer and a founder of the U.S. aircraft industry.

I love this photo.  I think I will enlarge it for Caleb's room.
 As early as 1904, he began to manufacture engines for airships. 
Curtiss made the first officially witnessed flight in North America, won a race at the world's first international air meet in France, and made the first long-distance flight in the United States.

Looks like a bike plane combo to me.

 His company built aircraft for the U.S. Army and Navy, and, during the years leading up to World War I, his experiments with seaplanes led to advances in naval aviation. Curtiss civil and military aircraft were predominant in the inter-war and World War II eras.

(Another photo for Caleb's room:-)
 If you find yourself in upstate NY take some time to visit the Glenn Curtiss Museum.
There is a lot to see and a ton to learn.
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