Books...Quotes by Mark Twain...."Exercise is loathsome"

I am casually reading a book I picked up on my travels to the Finger Lakes area of NY.  I learned a bunch about Mark Twain on my visit and picked up a book called "Mark Twain's Guide to Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Fashion, Investment, Romance, Health and Happiness."

I just read the chapter on exercise and selected 2 quotes to share.
"I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting, and I never intend to take any.  Exercise is loathsome.  And it cannot be any benefit when you are tired,  and I was always tired."
Speech 1905

I can relate to that Mark.  It is difficult to convince yourself that you need to exercise.  "Rest and sleep" sound so much more inviting.  I would tell Mark, if he were here today, that when you force yourself out there and make yourself expend energy that you feel so much better about 

"Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it.  If you live."
"Taming the Bicycle"

I do enjoy a good bike ride, I just don't do it enough.  I guess I prefer to "sleep and rest" like good ole Mark.  I can remember as a child riding bikes all the time. I was chased by dogs, nearly hit by cars, sustained many bumps and bruises.  I just took it in stride and hopped back on and rode again the next day.  I remember my brother ran into the back of a stopped car one day.  He was pretty banged up but several days later he was out there again.  He did stay clear of that stationary car though.
Cindy and I went riding at the beach this summer.  So much fun....
So, what type of exercise do you enjoy or endure?
I like cycling, walking, hiking, Zumba, a very slow jog.  I think I would enjoy dancing and maybe cross country skiing.
Happy Reading Everyone!


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