Shopping for rings. Which ring? Which Finger?

What to do?  I have been wearing the same ring on the same finger for 37 years.  Then my husband decides to 

leave and the ring comes off.  If I now, as a separated woman, want to wear a ring on my left hand which is the 
proper finger?  I consulted google....
I found a website Love to Know(LTK) which seemed to hold the answer I was seeking.  Plus I will insert some rings 
I like from Amazon...
"From your marital status to your profession, your rings tell a lot about you. Some fingers have special meaning while others don't mean anything at all."

$24.99, marked down from $124.95, good deal!

According to LTK, a ring worn on the left pinky could mean Mafia connections.  I was not planning on wearing one on my pinky but maybe if I do it will command respect:-)

$35.00 marked down from$139

In most cases, the left ring finger denotes marriage.  So I will avoid rings that look like engagement rings or wedding bands on that finger.


Left Middle Finger

"A ring worn on the left middle finger doesn't necessarily stand for anything. However, since the middle finger is central to the hand and is the longest finger, a ring on this digit can symbolize power and responsibility if you wish. This finger is also a good choice if you want to show off a ring without making a statement about your life." LTK

$79.17.  Very nice.

Keeping all of that in mind I have decided to wear my rings on my middle and/or my ring finger on my left hand.
Now to find an inexpensive ring on Amazon.

$16.90, I think it is cute.

How about a way out of my price range.

$7,500.00  Don't think I will order this one.  Think of all the things I could do with $7,000.  Very nice:-)

So if you could have any of the rings above which would you choose?  Which finger would you wear it on?  I think I would get the first one on the list and put it on my middle finger.
Happy Shopping Everyone!


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