Discoveries Along the Way.....Driving by Pilot Mountain

I was so excited.  I was about to take my first adventure with the Road Scholars.  I jumped in the car and headed north toward the Finger Lakes in NY.  I could just drive and not deviate from my destination but no, I am sure there are discoveries along the way just waiting to be discovered. And there were.  
I had not gotten to far along on my trip when I saw Pilot Mountain in the distance.  Many folks I have met like to go hiking and camping there.  I would love to visit some time but this time I could at least enjoy the view....(quotes from Wikipedia are in italics)
"rising to a peak 2,421 feet (738 m) above sea level
is one of the most distinctive natural features in the North Carolina."
"Pilot Mountain is part of the A.V.A Yadkin Valley, an American Viticultural Area comprising over 50 wineries, including a few wineries in the town of Pilot Mountain."
"Pilot Mountain has two distinctive features, named Big and Little Pinnacle. Big Pinnacle (also called "The Knob") has high and colorful bare rock walls, with a rounded top covered by vegetation, reaching approximately 1,400 feet (430 m) above the surrounding terrain." 

"Pilot Mountain State Park is for year-round recreation. Activities at the park include campingcanoeingfishingrock climbingpicnickinghiking, and environmental education."
There are all types of interesting things Along the Way.  It is fun to take the time to enjoy them.
Happy Travels!


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