My A-Z Adventures in NC. "E" is for Emerald Isle... Just north of Emerald Isle, The OC Spa

One thing we both wanted to do while staying at the beach was take advantage of The OC Spa not far from Emerald Isle.  Cindy has been there before and raved about the Aromatherapy Salt-Glo Treatment so I had to give it a try.  We made our reservations which would include lunch and took off for our spa adventure.
Here is a quote from their website....
"Enter through the sundial doors into a tranquil setting that combines classical 
European architecture with Asian aesthetics. Men and women enjoy separate lounge facilities that encompass a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, refreshment bar and a sumptuous relaxation area. 
Choose from a variety of spa treatments to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit."
Here are a few photos from our day at the spa....

You get a robe, sandals, and keys for your locker.
Then you take all your clothes off, slip on your robe and head to the lounge area.
Getting ready for a new experience....

 They give you a bit of time to relax and then bring you some tea.  I loved the little pot.

..after that you fill out a health form.  Let them know your preferences as to the specifics of the treatment...:-)
It began with a very nice lady asking me my choice in colors.  I guess this would indicate my mood and thus the scent that would be the most beneficial for me during this treatment.  I choose UNC blue.
Next came a foot soak and massage.  Then off to the room you see below, a photo from their site,  for the treatment.

What a wonderful experience.  It is bit like getting a scrub while lying down in the shower.  Have I ever had a scrub while lying in the shower you may ask?  The answer would be "no". This would be my first time.  The treatment  constants of a constant shower of water all over your body, along with a salt scrub followed by a rub down with some type of hydrating oil or lotion.  They do the back and then flip you over to do the front.  I felt like a queen.
When the treatment was over I met Cindy for lunch.  We sat outside beside the pool.  They served our drinks of iced tea and water.  We had the Chicken Salad and it was yummy.

 When lunch was over it was Cindy's turn.  Off she went for her treatment and I headed to the pool.

We had a wonderful time at the OC Spa.  I suggest if you are in Emerald Isle you give them a call and reserve your treatment.  Don't forget you can use the pool after your treatment so bring your bathing suit.

Good Bye for now OC Spa.  We are headed back to the beach...
Get out and travel or try something new.
If you are visiting anywhere near Emerald Isle I suggest you give the OC Spa a try.
Happy Travels


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