Travel & Fashion....Beach Day..

I am so excited.  I am getting ready to go to the beach for a few days with Cindy.  That got me thinking.  
Do I have what I need for a day at the beach?

Bathing Suits?  Yes.  The one on the left I have had for years.  The one in the center is a tankini top I bought on 
Zulily and I already had the swim shorts.  
The bathing suit on the right is one I just bought on Amazon and I really like it...

They are out of the color I ordered.  
There are straps with this suit also.  
It has a cute little skirt in the front.  
The skirt does not go around to the back but that is ok,
 it is fine just the way it is:-)

The hat I bought from Amazon also......  It was a bit large.  It does come with strips of foam to 
add to the lining in the hat to give it a more snug fit.  I did have to add them.  It's nice I am glad I bought it. $26.96

I have a bathing suit cover and sandals.  I have only one beach towel so I decided to get one more...
This one was on sale for $18.99.  Why are beach towels so expensive?

If you know anything about NC you know there have been several shark attacks this summer. 
 I love to swim in the ocean.  I enjoy diving in the waves and body surfing.  
I am a bit reluctant this summer though with 8 shark attacks on the NC coast in a very short period of time.  
Cindy and I decided to get sand beach chairs and sit in the sand with our toes in the water.  
I think I will take a bucket too so I can at least pour water over my head:-)

I already have a picnic cooler bag I bought on eBay.  I have the Plastic Wine Cups too,
 although the cup is a bit small for my taste.  I will have to carry a couple of bottles in the cooler bag:-)
I did decide to get one more thing for my beach adventure.  I bought a waterproof waist pack so if I do 
decide to go in the water I can carry my keys and phone.
Ok, I think I am ready.  If you like any of the products just click on the photo and it will take you to the site.
Can't wait to hit the beach.  If I have forgotten anything for my beach day 
let me know by leaving a comment.
Get out and go on an adventure.
I suggest you go to the beach.


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