Magazine Madness....Buying a New Bathing Suit and a Few Thoughts from RedBook Magazine....

I am off to the beach in a couple of weeks so my mind has been on bathing suits.  Yes I need a new one but hate to try them on.  In that regard I know I am not alone.

I was reading about "body confidence in my Redbook Magazine July 2015 issue.  Here are a few things they had to say....
This is how you feel before you get into a swimsuit:
56% ACK!! I don't feel confident.
40% Hooray! I'm going to the beach!
4%Yay!  I get to show my figure off.

So where do I fit in that mix.  No I don't feel overly confident but I really don't care all that much.
Yes, hooray I do get to go to the beach.  As far as showing my body off .  Definitely not the focus of  my beach trip:-)

I decided to look for bathing suits on Amazon because I get free shipping on most of their items.
I really like this one.  
I like the high neck line and the sportiness of this suit

You must have a hat in the summer sun...I thought this one was kinda cute..

I would love to get them all but I must consider my budget.....Tough decision.
Let me know which one you would choose.
One more quote from rebook in regard to body confidence
"Like a fine wine 30% of women say they've learned to love their bodies even more over time."
I agree Redbook.  My body still works so I am happy:-)
And in regard to fine wine.  I will be enjoying much on my vacation fine or otherwise.
Enjoy Your Summer


  1. Kathy - I just bought one very similar to the high neck one at Kohl's. On sale and I love it.

    1. I really like it too. I went with the other one though because it was a bit cheaper and I have one similar to this one. I got the one with the little skirt and purchased the hat also. Probably won't be going in the ocean though. Too many shark attacks!!!


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