Food Photography.....Restaurant Etiquette

I love to take photos of food.  Do I know how?  Not really, I just use my iPhone:-)  So before we get started with the difficult aspects such as ISO and aperture lets just look at restaurant Etiquette.  I searched google and found many different suggestions.....

***Don't stand on the furniture***  I must admit that never entered my mind.  I know sometimes you have to get in strange positions to get that perfect shot but not a good idea in a restaurant.  You don't want to be a distraction to other patrons.
**Don't use a flash**  I agree this too is a distraction to the people seated around you.  I know there are ways to get around this such as shutter speed and ISO.  We will leave that for another time.
**Leave other folks out of your photo**  Not always easy to do, but I will make a better attempt:-)
**Other distractions to avoid** Tripods. Don't move furniture to get a good shot.  Take your photos and put your camera away so you can enjoy your meal. I am sure there are many more tips on etiquette but overall we should do our best not to be a distraction to our fellow diners. 

Get out and try a new restaurant and take some photos using proper photography etiquette.
Happy Day!


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