Photoshop....Where Did The Oil Paint Filter Go????

I need to take a class to learn the basics of Photoshop.  I have been getting the application through Adobe and have only mastered one thing and that is the Oil Paint Filter.  Why did I master that particular mode?  Because it is so easy, no layers to deal with. You save your photo as a smart object and then hit the Oil Paint option under filter.  And that easy you have an oil painting.
Well I had just downloaded the version Photoshop CC 2014 and found there was no option for oil paints.  My heart sank...."That is all I know how to do".  I went on line seeking an answer and quickly found other folks also looking for this missing option.  If you are in this boat too I did find a link that helped me Creative Cloud Help.  Here they will show you how to go about about obtaining the older version, PhotoShop CC, under previous versions.  I did it and it works so you can too.
Original Photo on a cloudy day


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