Caleb and Nana's Adventures…The Aloha Safari Zoo

Caleb and I love to go on adventures.  We decided one Saturday to take a ride to The Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron NC.  It took us about an hour to get there but it was worth the trip.
Here is what they say about the zoo on their website…
Lee Crutchfield is on a mission to rescue animals in need. He currently holds a license for up to 500 animals, although Aloha Safari Zoo tops out at about 300. Lee works non stop to provide animals a refuge where they can peacefully live out the remainder of their lives. About 300 animals of various species, most exotic, have found a sanctuary in an educational zoo that Crutchfield, his family and a small team of dedicated individuals have labored to create. The zoo is over 60-acres and opened to the public January 2010.

 Caleb loved the tiger cub..

 We spent time at the playground and then had a nice picnic lunch.

We had a really nice time at the zoo.  I was talking with Caleb the other day and mentioned going on another adventure and guess what he said.  "Nana, lets go to the Aloha Zoo."  Sounds like a good idea to me Caleb.
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