Myrtle Beach for Mother's Day Part 3…Oh the food!

It is always fun to try new restaurants when you are on an adventure. We had just entered the Myrtle Beach city limit and decide we were hungry.  We stopped at Barefoot Landing to try to find a bite to eat.  We walked the board walk, looked for gators in the surrounding waters, checked out a couple shops and….

..there in the distance we saw the restaurant where we would enjoy our lunch.

I could not tell you what we had to eat.  The food was fine and the service was good.  We sat outside overlooking the water.  I do remember french fries which we enjoyed feeding to the birds and the turtles.  Great fun. There was a crow that kept inching his way toward us.  He was huge.  I held out a fry closed my eyes and waited.  He swiped that fry in a split second. I was surprised by the strength behind the swipe. I did not try that again:-)
That night someone at the hotel recommended…Bimini's Oyster Bar and Seafood Cafe.  Great food great service.  It is extremely casual and tends to be a bit loud but I really enjoyed it and would go back…

Our last evening in Myrtle Beach we decided to try Joe's Bar and Grill.  It was recommend by one of Erica's friends who lives in Myrtle Beach.  She said not everyone knows about it.  She also advised Erica not to leave without going to the outside deck and bar to see the local raccoons. Raccoons???
We made reservations, called a cab and headed to Joe's Bar and Grill.  Amazing food!  I would have to give them a 10.  The restaurant was uniquely rustic.  Many stuffed critters adorned the walls.  We sat on the upper level that overlooked I guess the tidal salt marsh.  What we could see from our window..

 View of the inside of the restaurant….
Oh the amazing food…

Steak and seafood.  Great combination.
We did go to the outdoor bar.  
We sat at a little snack bar that overlooked the water and the marsh and guess what we saw…

What fun!  I would love to go back.  
So if you find yourself hungry and in North Myrtle Beach I suggest you treat yourself to a restaurant you have never experienced.  A gastronomic adventure of sorts.  I suggest you try Joe's Bar and Grill and Bimini's.  You won't be disappointed.
Get out and explore!
Enjoy Your World…


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