PhotoShop CC….Playing with Filters

There is a gigantic learning curve in using PhotoShop.  I would love to take a class but who has the time?  It took me forever, but I finally was able, to use the filter option in the program.  I worked on it for hours and just could not get it to open. By chance and continued playing I found all I had to do was go to the top of the screen and hit Photoshop.  Go to preferences, click on plugins and check the box option that says "Show all Filter Gallery Groups and Names". That was all I had to do to gain access to the filters.  In all the sites and video tutorials that I watched and read never once did anyone say that if you are not able to access the filters go back to this basic step.
Just for fun I went with the plastic wrap option.  There are many many more.  I think you can work with colors and contrasts and all that fun stuff too but I was just playing.
Get out and take some pictures.
Enjoy Your World!
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