A-Z NC Adventure "B" is for Belmont, Restaurants, Churches and More. Part 3

This will be my last post on my Belmont adventure.  I was only there for 2 days so I did not see it all but here a few more things I saw and did while I was there.
I went to two restaurants.
I love, love, love Cherubs Cafe.  Probably because of my brother Bruce.
Here is a quote from their site
"Holy Angels owns and operates two businesses located on Main Street in downtown Belmont: Cherubs Café and Cherubs Candy Bouquet. In addition to affording our Holy Angels residents and community members the opportunity to learn about each other and socialize in a fun business environment, these important ventures provide for vocational training and meaningful supported employee options. Any profits from sales are used solely to fund the programs and services of Holy Angels."

I was so glad that I was able to visit the Cafe.  Food was good and the service amazing.  Please check it out if you are in Belmont.
I did get an appetizer and a glass of wine at  The String Bean just a short walk from downtown.  I had the Pita Bread and Hummus.  Delicious.  The wine was good too:-)
 I visited the General Store.  I loved the neat little ice cream bar.  I should of had a scoop but I did not.
I did buy a wind chime while I was there and honey for Josh and Steph and jelly for Erica. (I got Caleb's gifts at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens:-)
Had a pedicure at William Henry Salon and Spa, where I was treat like gold.  Thanks Michelle!
On my list of things I had to do in Belmont was to visit Belmont Abbey Monastery.  I was so excited to take pictures and also to pray at the Lourdes Grotto.  I arrived camera in hand excited to take photos of the beautiful buildings.  As soon as I entered the grounds I was told by a very nice police officer that it is against the law to take photos, it is private property.  I found I was allowed on the grounds but had to have special permission from the monks to take photos.  This is possible but you must do it in advance.  I did find the Grotto and spent some time in prayer and then headed back to Belmont.
Here are some pictures of the churches that I saw on my Belmont tour that I was permitted to take photos of…

I had a great time in Belmont.  Very nice small town.  Friendly welcoming folks.  I would go back.
I was able to work on my book while I was there too.  
Get out and go on an adventure.
Enjoy Your World
Can't wait to start on my next "letter"!
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  1. I've been to Belmont several times but not to the cafe. I do believe I will have to remedy that. It looks and sounds delicious. Many years ago we looked into Holy Angels for our oldest daughter but she had just turned 18 and was not eligible. It's a wonderful place!


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