A Myrtle Beach Mother's Day….Part 2…Jet Skiing

I was daydreaming of the Myrtle Beach trip Erica and I were getting ready to take.  I thought "we need to do something on the water".  Maybe a kayaking trip?  Maybe a little boat ride?  I found a dolphin tour on a web site.  Not a tour by kayak or by boat, but by jet ski.  Sounded intriguing and Erica said "lets go!".  We called Myrtle Beach Water Sports and made our reservations.
Our GPS had us going all over the place.  Lucky for us they called us and directed us in..Very nice of them.

We put on our life vests, met our guide J. R.  and prepared for instructions…We learned that there are no brakes, that we should keep at least 150 feet between us and the person in front of us, and that if we needed help that we could just blow the whistle provided.  We also learned that if we felt that we were going to lose control that we needed to gun it to at least 30 MPH.  Hmmm, sounded fast to me:-)

So off we went on the inner coastal waterway.  Before I knew it everyone took off.  Everyone but me.  I had nothing to prove so I took my time getting comfortable, although I did not want them to get too far ahead for fear I would never find them….

I did end up feeling a bit unsteady.  I did gun it to 30 MPG and found our guide was correct.  You end up on top of the water and have a bit more control.  Ok, now to catch up.  I was comfortable at about 37-40 MPH.  It was not closing the gap between me and my speedy friends.  Eventually they came back to get me.  Our guide asked me if I was ok.  I said "Yes. Just wanted to keep at least 150 feet between me and the person in front of me":-)
When I did catch up with Erica I asked her what her speed was and she said around 55MPH.  Ok.  So in order to keep up I did manage to go between 50-55 MPH.  I would slow down when we hit a boats wake or when we were going through the inlet to the ocean were there seem to be some interesting swells.  My favorite part of the trip was riding in the ocean and spending time watching the dolphin.  There were beautiful. They would come up right beside our skis.  Worth the trip.


Ok. Time to head back.  I was able to keep up on the way back. We would do the usual 50-55 mph where ever possible.  My favorite part of the return trip was when we entered the no wake zone.  Time to relax and take photos.

Erica and I both had a wonderful time on our adventure.  A big thank you to our guide JR
I would recommend you call Myrtle Beach Water Sports if you want to take a jet ski dolphin tour.  Just be aware it is not a trip of leisure but it sure was fun!
Get out and go on an adventure.
Enjoy Your World!


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