Monday Morning Motivation…."I Put My Trust in You Lord"

There are many surprises on our life journey…
     We encounter many good things along life's path but we also encounter the not so good.(Caleb is fine, lucky for him he encounter a plant eating dinosaur:-)
     I am reading a book called Hinds Feet in High Places.  The character Much-Afraid has not had it easy.  On her path her constant companions are Sorrow and Suffering.  She is learning to hold tight to their hands, they are her guides and actually help her on her journey to the High Places.  She can also call on The Shepherd at anytime to assist her on this difficult trail she finds herself on, one she did not necessarily ask for.
Kinda like me.  My constant companions are Overwhelmed and Afraid of the Future, but not to the point of despair.  I still find joy though.  I find it in little Caleb.  I find it in my friends, I find it in God.  I found joy with Erica as we grilled out last weekend and watched TV and sipped wine together.  I found it last week as Cindy and I ran with our dogs on the trail.  I find it in my neighbors who are so good to me.  Of course I find it in Brodie:-)
     In Sunday School yesterday we spoke of trust and fear.  That we need to be careful who we put that trust in (I could tell you stories),  we need to put our trust in God and we need to practice that trust. Sometimes we fear losing control of our lives, that is where I am.  Fear can paralyze us and keep us from enjoying life and moving forward.  I don't want that for myself.  I choose to continue to lean on God and call on Him on this difficult but joyful adventure…..
"When I am afraid I will put my trust in you"
Psalm 56:3
Happy Monday Everyone!
En"Joy" your world:-)


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