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I am now the proud and excited owner of Photoshop through Adobe.  I am also overwhelmed.  Where to start?  First thing I did was order Photo Shop for Dummies. That is due to arrive next week.  I just could not wait that long to get started.  I found a wonderful website that contains a ton of info...Photo Shop Essentials.  It takes thought to get through the articles, not written for dummies, but very helpful!!!
I choose a photo at random….This shot was taken from the Chesapeake  Bay Bride Tunnel.
I decided to try to boost contrast and color using Luminosity Mask and sharpen my image with a High Pass Filter.  Here are the results…
You can see the photo is much brighter.  I will not be happy unless I can get rid of that pesky trash can.
I decided to try the lasso effect…Amazing!!! The trash can is gone:-)
Could I explain to you how I did any of this?  No I have no idea!  I would need to review and then review again.  This will take practice, practice, practice.  So much to learn but so much fun:-)
Get out and take some photos.
Enjoy Your World


  1. Love the increase in contrast. Bravo on that trash can, makes a world of difference. Might want to tone back the sky just a touch. Good work.


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