Motivation through the Media…Ghost Busters…Rice Krispie Treats...

It has been forever since I have made Rice Krispie Treats.  I was motivated to make them after watching the movie Ghost Busters...
Ghost Busters came out in 1984.  It has a great cast and I realized I had never seen it and thought I would check it out….
Just what prompted me to watch Ghost Busters after all these years?  An ice and snow storm…
Two weeks ago we had a storm come through our area.  The snow came down quickly, everyone left work at the same time and the product was massive gridlock.  My normal drive home which takes 10 minutes took 3 1/2 hours.  People were stuck in ditches, abandoning their cars alone the side of the road and walking home or back to work.  What a mess.  I made it but it was not easy.  I did get off pretty easy though, many folks I spoke with were stuck in traffic for 7-8 hours.  Here is photo that went viral taken in Raleigh NC.  I am not sure who took this photo but it was fairly typical of what was going on all over the triangle area.
 Someone had the idea to superimpose the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man over her photo.  When I showed my boss the superimposed photo he said that The Marshmallow Man was one of the characters in Ghost Busters.  Hence the motivation to watch the movie….
I tried to find motivation in the movie to go on an adventure.  I could go on a ghost walk.  Much to cold this time of year.  Fun movie but very little to apply to my life.  The more I thought about the marshmallow man the more I knew I had my answer on how to apply this movie to something in my life.  I could make Rice Krispie Treats!
I went on line and found the recipe.  A bit messy but very easy….
I melted some chocolate chips and drizzled the top of the treats.  Caleb loved them, especially the chocolate:-)

Watch a movie and get motivated.  I suggest you watch Ghost Busters and then make some Marshmallow Treats.  Or make some Marshmallow treats and enjoy them while watching Ghost Busters.
Enjoy Your World!


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