Monday Morning Motivation…Philippians 4:8

I went to a funeral yesterday.  My dear friend and mentor Rebecca lost her son to a car accident last week.  In the past few days since the accident I have witnessed God's work in action through Rebecca.
Even in her pain she gives it to God.  She trusts God with everything in her life.  Even in grief her witness was clear.
As the bugle played at the gravesite a verse came to my mind…and I began to look around me
Finally Brothers and sisters…
whatever is true, (Rebecca, so true to your call Lord)
whatever is noble, (The painful beauty as the Marine knelt in front of Rebecca and handed her the flag)
whatever is right, (All the people that came to say goodbye to Mike and give support to his family)
whatever is pure, (The babies I could hear)
whatever is lovely, (The beautiful forsythia Mike's roommate brought to the gravesite)
whatever is admirable, (All the people there looking to you Lord)
anything excellent, (All the love that surrounded Rebecca and her family)
or praiseworthy, (The beauty of the large flock of birds that kept flying near us during the service)
think on such things
Philippians 4:8
Happy Monday Everyone
Enjoy Your World:-)


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